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About Vanderlei Vintage Solvang

At Vanderlei Vintage, we strive to find one of a kind pieces. In the ealry eighties, Craig Vanderlei started collecting art when he worked for his father, Phil Vanderlei and Vanderlei Bronze, producing bronzes and making molds. He traveled California from San Diego to San Francisco selling at art shows and street festivals. During this time, Craig became fond of all kinds of art and started collecting paintings, Blown Glass and other one of a kind art pieces.

As things changed in life, Craig got married, started a family and another career. Growing up in Los Alamos and Santa Barbara, Craig always loved the Santa Ynez Valley and so, he moved there in 98’. His collection grew to the point that it was time to share it with other people who enjoy art.

Now, Craig travels from northern new mexico to northern California looking for that perfect piece of vintage art that you have been looking for.